Guests often have similar questions about the holiday villa or the region. The answers to some frequently asked questions are given below:


Do we need to bring our own bed linen and towels?


No, normally when you arrive, the beds will be freshly made, the bathrooms equipped with all the towels you need and the kitchen will have the necessary (dishcloths. Usually, there will be one set of bedclothes and towels provided per booking. Beach towels are not included.


Will cleaning and a change of bed linen/towels be arranged during the stay?


No, that is not normally the case. Instead, all housekeeping appliances are available to guests (washing machine, vacuum cleaner, etc.).


Will we be able to arrive by public transport?

Since the villa is situated on a hillside, you will have to rely on private transport or a rented vehicle but transfers from the airport can be arranged on request.


Is there an Internet and/or telephone connection?

Casa Luna is not equipped with any Internet or telephone connections. At the Moviestar, Orange and other stores, however, the necessary equipment can be purchased. In addition, many restaurants offer free WLAN access.


Am I allowed to pick or harvest ripe fruit and herbs?

Yes, as much as you may require for personal consumption.



Are pool and other toys and sports equipment available?

Yes, a selection of toys and sports equipment is available; otherwise you should be able to find almost anything you may need at any supermarket.


If you have any questions to which you were unable to find an answer here, do not hesitate to send us an e-mail.